The CapstoneCrest brings together conservative, purposeful, syndicated investors, hedge funds, a network of experienced investors, and advisory councils nationwide to acquire and upgrade multifamily properties, such as senior independent living apartments and assisted-living facilities (ALFs), in order to improve delivery of safe, dependable, well-maintained facilities, and vital services to our senior citizens. CapstoneCrest partners with brokers and investors with 25-years of experience, who provide direct one-on-one mentoring, training certification, sponsors, underwriters, and training conferences where owners of 8400-units engage us. 


CapstoneCrest coordinates with faith-based housing corporations nationwide to provide high quality, affordable, clean, safe, dependable, well-maintained housing to meet the resident’s needs and investor’s objectives. When upgrading independent living apartments to assisted living community, and apartments for the disabled, we consider capital expenditures, deferred maintenance, repositioning, and other factors that influence the long-term stability of managing assets, such as compliance with state inspections, licensing, and regulations.

  • Improve the value of Multifamily Apartments to serve residents.  

  • Preserve the value of older apartment complexes by upgrading them to condominiums.  

  • Add value to independent living with incorporated continuing care assisted living services.  

  • Due diligent underwriting to review T12s, Rent Rolls, Commercial Valuation.  

  • Asset acquisition, management, and repositioning.  

  • IRA conversions with 8% preferred and 10-15% ROI annualized on some investment properties.  

We navigate crests of waves in emerging markets for investors to acquire secured assets. 

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Our Team



We are connected to a network of real estate experts who have managed some of the most complicated real estate transactions on the market today. Whether you are looking to sell your existing investment property or buy one of ours, our goal is to make the buying and selling process an easy one. We handle your transaction with the utmost due diligence, professionalism, and care. CapstoneCrest has retained expertise from securities attorneys, corporate attorneys, certified accountants, and real estate investment firms to serve in the market.

CapstoneCrest services syndicated investors, hedge funds, private funds, and others by offering opportunities to acquire and reposition assets to serve the community. Our network of experienced underwriters are able to conduct rigorous due diligence with T12s, Rent Rolls, P&L, and commercial valuation to generate a preferred return on investments.

Anticipating Emerging Markets